The Bill

Series 23 - Episode 14

About this programme

14/93. Sam's initiative on the anniversary of Amy Tennant's disappearance gives the team a lead when a friend of the family is seen stealing something from the missing child's bedroom. Emma and Diane investigate an abandoned van and unwittingly set loose a flock of frightened sheep, which turn out to be stolen stock on the way to an illegal slaughterhouse.

Cast and crew


DI Neil Manson
Andrew Lancel
DI Sam Nixon
Lisa Maxwell
James Tennant
Neil Stuke
Shelley Fitzgerald
Tara Moran
Ruth Barker
Sarah Tansey
Amy Tennant
Katherine Pedersen
DS Stuart Turner
Doug Rao
Richard Andrews
Terence Maynard
Kay Andrews
Jennifer Scott-Malden
Tina Bellamy
Elly Fairman
PC Emma Hinckley
Melanie Gutteridge
PC Diane Noble
Kaye Wragg
Frank Collister
Dodger Phillips
Tony Caramanlis
Paul Kissaun
DC Kezia Walker
Cat Simmons
PC Roger Valentine
John Bowler
PC Lewis Hardy
Aml Ameen
Matt Hinckley
Mark Dexter
PC Dan Casper
Chris Jarvis


Gill Wilkinson
Andrea Sapsford
Chris Ould