The Bill

Episode 467

About this programme

Jack keeps a fatherly eye on Mickey and warns him not to blow it with Mia this time but, right on cue, ex-prostitute Carrie Morgan turns up at Sun Hill asking to see her knight in shining armour. Things go better for Will and Honey, who find they have a lot in common, while Kezia crosses the line between personal and professional relationships with Smithy. Diane investigates the case of a missing teenager, but discovers she is living with her boyfriend to escape from her strict Turkish father - and has no intention of going back.

Cast and crew


DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
Carrie Morgan
Laura Dos Santos
DCI Jack Meadows
Simon Rouse
Mia Perry
Jo-Anne Knowles
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
Michelle Hallak
Jonathan Coyne
PC Honey Harman
Kim Tiddy
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
DC Kezia Walker
Cat Simmons