Star Trek: Enterprise

Series 4 - 14. The Aenar

The Aenar

About this programme

14/22. Part three of three. Archer visits Shran's icy homeland of Andoria in search of a sub-species called the Aenar, who he believes might be telepathically controlling the menacing drone ships. Meanwhile, Nijil and Valdore devise a plan to use their new-found knowledge to destroy the Enterprise. Sci-fi drama, starring Scott Bakula and Jeffrey Combs.

Cast and crew


Capt Jonathan Archer
Scott Bakula
Dr Phlox
John Billingsley
Cdr T'Pol
Jolene Blalock
Lt Malcolm Reed
Dominic Keating
Ensign Travis Mayweather
Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Hoshi Sato
Linda Park
Cdr Charles `Trip' Tucker III
Connor Trinneer
Cdr Shran
Jeffrey Combs
Alexandra Lydon
Admiral Valdore
Brian Thompson
Senator Vrax
Geno Silva
Alicia Adams
Scott Allen Rinker