The X-Files

Series 9 - 9. Provenance


About this programme

9/20. Part one of two. A man who appears to have been killed in a motorcycle crash is found to have evidence of a crashed UFO, matching the one Scully found in Africa, and which may prove aliens have been interfering with human development for millennia. The man subsequently reveals himself to be an undercover agent infiltrating a cult that has sinister plans for Scully's baby.

Cast and crew


Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
John Doggett
Robert Patrick
Monica Reyes
Annabeth Gish
Walter Skinner
Mitch Pileggi
Brad Follmer
Cary Elwes
Robert Comer
Neal McDonough
Alvin Kersh
James Pickens Jr
Melvin Frohike
Tom Braidwood
John Fitzgerald Byers
Bruce Harwood
Ringo Langly
Dean Haglund
Margaret Scully
Sheila Larken
Terry Sullivan
James Parks
Det Bryant
Joe Bernier


Frank Spotnitz
Chris Carter