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Series 5 - 2. Unconfirmed Reports

Unconfirmed Reports

About this programme

2/10. Haynes is dubious about a piece submitted by reporter Scott Templeton, but is forced to run the story by his senior editors. Buoyed by the withdrawal of the police investigation, Marlo orders several murders and talks with Avon in prison about contacting drug-trafficker Vondas. Bubbles takes a job at a soup kitchen and an increasingly frustrated McNulty resorts to drastic measures to divert funds to Homicide.

Cast and crew


Det Jimmy McNulty
Dominic West
Marlo Stanfield
Jamie Hector
Avon Barksdale
Wood Harris
Augustus `Gus' Haynes
Clark Johnson
Scott Templeton
Tom McCarthy
Andre Royo
Det Shakima Greggs
Sonja Sohn
Lt Cedric Daniels
Lance Reddick
Det William `Bunk' Moreland
Wendell Pierce
Det Ellis Carver
Seth Gilliam


Ernest Dickerson
William F Zorzi

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