A Touch of Frost

Series 14 - 1. Mind Games

Mind Games

About this programme

1/3. Inspector Jack Frost reopens an unsolved murder case when the remains of a 14-year-old girl who went missing 20 years previously are discovered on a housing development. With the lead suspect back on the streets after serving a prison sentence for the murder of the teenager's best friend, the detective becomes more determined than ever to put the case to rest. Meanwhile, a late-night prank results in the death of a local businessman. Starring David Jason, Keith Barron and Paula Wilcox.

Cast and crew


Insp Jack Frost
David Jason
Supt Mullett
Bruce Alexander
DS Toolan
John Lyons
David Crewes
Keith Barron
Carl Meyer
Jonathan Slinger
Vicar Lucy Daniels
Julia Watson
Charlie Collingham
John Castle
Gloria Collingham
Paula Wilcox
Simon Slater
Nicholas Farrell
Babs Sellwood
Elizabeth Berrington
Jason Cohu
Ariyon Bakare
Joshua Ray
Joseph Marcell
Tom Brody
Vincent Leigh
Roman Cassell
Dhafer L'Abidine
Kate McGreavy
Sarah-Jayne Steed
Rachel Munro
Juliet Howland
Susan Hepworth
Amber Agar
Ernie Trigg
Arthur White
Sgt Compton
Reece Andrews
Chief Constable
Julian Forsyth
David McKail
Shop manager
Glenn Cunningham


Paul Harrison
Martyn Auty
Michael Russell