Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Series 2 - 16. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

About this programme

16/23. Goren and Eames investigate when a man's release from prison coincides with the murder of his wife and lawyer. His claims to have been the killer's real target are given a credibility boost when Goren learns that a notorious criminal might have received a hit-list that featured his son. Crime drama, with Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe.

Cast and crew


Det Robert Goren
Vincent D'Onofrio
Det Alexandra Eames
Kathryn Erbe
Capt James Deakins
Jamey Sheridan
ADA Ron Carver
Courtney B Vance
Dempsey Powers
Clifton Powell
Milt Winters Jnr
Peter Marx
Taye Powers
Sean Nelson
Pamela Winters
Cady Huffman
Milton Winters
Joel Grey
Jack Duvall
Tibor Feldman


Darnell Martin
Rene Balcer
Warren Leight

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