Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Series 9 - 19. Cold


About this programme

19/19. Detective Chester Lake is suspected of murdering a police officer, and Fin's investigation into his history reveals he has been working with a freelance team solving cold cases. Details emerge that Lake has kidnapped the friend of a 14-year-old girl who was raped and murdered - but the focus turns to the dead cop as more evidence is uncovered. Drama, starring Adam Beach, Ice-T and Christopher Meloni.

Cast and crew


Det Elliot Stabler
Christopher Meloni
Det Olivia Benson
Mariska Hargitay
Det John Munch
Richard Belzer
ADA Casey Novak
Diane Neal
Dr George Huang
BD Wong
Capt Donald Cragen
Dann Florek
Det Odafin `Fin' Tutuola
Chester Lake
Adam Beach
Ryan O'Halloran
Mike Doyle
Deirdre Lovejoy
Penelope Fielding
Tom Crane
Jack Gwaltney
Cecelia Cruz
Victoria Cartegena
Avery Hemmings
Michelle Booth


David Platt
Executive Producer
Ann Donahue
Executive Producer
Carol Mendelsohn
Executive Producer
Anthony E Zuiker
Executive Producer
Jerry Bruckheimer