Stargate Universe

Series 2 - 15. Seizure


About this programme

15/20. Rush is found in a coma in the neural interface chair, so Amanda uses her simulation program to connect with him in the ship's matrix. Trouble arises, however, leaving Eli to make a difficult decision in a bid to return the doctor to his body. Meanwhile, Telford sends Young, Scott and Richard Woolsey on a clandestine mission after the Langarans refuse Homeworld Command's request for Dr Rodney McKay to use their planet's core as a power source.

Cast and crew


Dr Nicholas Rush
Robert Carlyle
Everett Young
Justin Louis
Matthew Scott
Brian J Smith
Chloe Armstrong
Elyse Levesque
Eli Wallace
David Blue
Tamara Johansen
Alaina Huffman
Peter Kelamis
Ronald Greer
Jamil Walker Smith
Camile Wray
Col Telford
Lou Diamond Phillips
Dr Dale Volker
Patrick Gilmore
Julie McNiven
Amanda Perry
Kathleen Munroe
Dr Rodney McKay
David Hewlett
Richard Woolsey
Richard Picardo