Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Series 6 - 17. Players


About this programme

17/22. A judge's son is shot dead and his body dumped outside the courthouse shortly after a rapper receives a harsh custodial sentence. However, Logan and Wheeler soon realise the crime may have more to do with the victim's friends than the musician - with an old-fashioned playing card placed on the corpse a vital clue to the killer's identity. Chris Noth and Julianne Nicholson star.

Cast and crew


Det Mike Logan
Chris Noth
Det Megan Wheeler
Julianne Nicholson
Capt Danny Ross
Eric Bogosian
Dr Elizabeth Rodgers
Leslie Hendrix
Riordan Grady
Michael Stahl-David
Judge Nicholas Fenner Sr
John Dossett
Thomas M Grady Jnr
Christian Hoff
Det Daniels
Seth Gilliam
Uncle Pete Wheeler
Paul O'Brien
Bobby Grey
William Hill
Hector D'Angelo
Joe Maruzzo
Victor Venini Jnr
Paul Diomede
Thomas M Grady Snr
Harris Yulin
Seamus Flaherty
Griffin Dunne
Colin Wilcox
Eugene Jones
Margaret Wilcox
Kim Sykes
`Twitch' Twyman
Cedric Sanders
Willie Faldo
Daniel Stewart Sherman
Renard Fox
Kevin T Collins
Daphne Seger
Savannah Wise
Calvin Liscomb `Apokalypto'
Samuel Smith
Jacob Fenner
Brandon Thane Wilson
Eddie Choi
Rob Yang
Steve Heller
Rick Gifford
Mr Randall
Bruce Birns


Tom DiCillo
Peter Blauner