A Touch of Frost

Series 2 - 3. Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide
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About this programme

3/4. The apparent accidental death of a drug addict takes a surprising turn when the results of the post-mortem examination are revealed, and Jack finds himself confronting his own chequered past. Ewen Bremner guest-stars, with David Jason.

Cast and crew


Gordon Hicks
Ewen Bremner
Mrs Cornish
Linda Bassett
DI Jack Frost
David Jason
Supt Norman Mullett
Bruce Alexander
DC Costello
Neil Dudgeon
Dr McKenzie
David McKail
Anne Butler
Felicity Montagu
Ray Butler
Gerard Horan
Walter Peters
Barry Jackson
PC Wallace
Caroline Harker
Dr Royce Patten
Albert Welling
Linda Patten
Vivienne Ritchie
Eileen Grant
Marion Bailey
Trevor Hine
Michael Feast
Mortuary Attendant
James Saxon


John Glenister
Executive Producer
David Reynolds
Executive Producer
Richard Bates
Executive Producer
Philip Burley
Don Leaver
Richard Harris