The X Files

Series 9 - 16. William

About this programme

16/20. A disfigured man is caught breaking into Mulder's old office. He tells Scully he was the subject of experiments performed by the conspiracy and that Mulder sent him to gather evidence so he could bring those responsible to justice. When the name he gives them turns out to be false, the agents question who he really is and what he was after, while Doggett suspects the deformed man is Mulder himself.

Cast and crew


Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
John Doggett
Robert Patrick
Monica Reyes
Annabeth Gish
Walter Skinner
Mitch Pileggi
The Breather
Chris Owens
Dr Edwards
Cyd Strittmatter
Mr Van De Kamp
Adam Nelson
Mrs Van De Kamp
Shannon Hile
Dr Newman
David Fabrizio


David Duchovny
Chris Carter