NCIS: Los Angeles

Series 1 - 4. Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy

About this programme

4/24. A man who stole a car and ran down and killed one of his pursuers before escaping is identified as Walton Flynn, an ex-marine now working for a private security firm in Iraq. Sam and Callen learn that the businessman he had been hired to protect had been murdered and that the people chasing him were hired by his employers to dish out their own form of justice. Crime drama, starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J.

Cast and crew


G Callen
Chris O'Donnell
Sam Hanna
LL Cool J
Nate Getz
Peter Cambor
Kensi Blye
Daniela Ruah
Dominic Vail
Adam Jamal Craig
Henrietta `Hetty' Lange
Linda Hunt
Eric Beale
Barrett Foa
Leon Vance
Rocky Carroll
Cherise Dawson
Jeanette Brox
Peter Caldwell
Jonathan Adams
Walton Flynn
Chris Tardio
Jim Rivers
Rob Evors


Tony Wharmby
Executive Producer
Shane Brennan
Executive Producer
R Scott Gemmill