The Mentalist

Series 1 - 21. Miss Red

Miss Red

About this programme

21/23. A wealthy software developer is found dead next to his yacht in a marina, leading the CBI team to discover his attractive girlfriend is a con artist with her eyes set on his $10million fortune. However, despite the woman's motive, Patrick believes there is more to the crime than meets the eye, and engages in a risky game of cat-and-mouse in an effort to snare the real killer.

Cast and crew


Patrick Jane
Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon
Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho
Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby
Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt
Amanda Righetti
Dr Brooke Harper
Lisa Sheridan
Stuart Hanson
Paul Cassell
Rick Bregman
Charles Esten
Kathryn Stubbs-Gulbrand
Amy Laughlin
FBI Agent Hayes
J Marvin Campbell
Keith Gulbrand
Blake Gibbons
Saudi prince
Amir Khastoo


Martha Mitchell
Ken Woodruff